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The company specializes and works in the sphere of clinical trials only. At present we have offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Kiev, and also representations in many regions of Russia.

Urgent delivery of biosamples, medications, laboratory kits, medical equipment, documents, study drugs for international clinical trials, across Russia and Ukraine.

Individual approach to each client, transportation with minimum time and good storage conditions — these factors allow us to perform delivery of high quality.

We develop the most effective schemes of transportation using motor, air and railway transport. Also we propose the universal solution of any questions concerned with urgent transportation of goods on the territory of Russia and Ukraine.

Delivery is performed according to the requirement of the client, with temperature condition maintenance, we use modern packing materials, thermoboxes and temperature loggers. We us coolpacks and dry ice.

Picking-up of biological samples from the medical centers is performed by the qualified couriers. Our company works with any kinds of biological samples which transportation is performed in various temperature conditions and from all regions of the Russian Federation.


The company is specialized and random service in clinical trials field only:

  • express and economy goods delivery «from hand to hand» in the entire country of Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belorussia;
  • transportation of biosamples, medications with thermoboxes, coolpacks and dry ice providing;
  • monitoring and control temperature during transportation;
  • medications and ancillaries return from the investigational site;
  • goods delivery from customs terminals in Moscow and Saint Petersburg;
  • «same day» delivery in all cities where our representative offices are placed (more than 40 cities);
  • delivery in 3-4 hrs within Saint Petersburg and Moscow;
  • storage and distribution of study drugs and materials according to GCP requirements and regulatory documents;
  • urgent purchases and distribution of equipment and medical ancillaries;
  • twenty-four-hours warehouse for intermediate, temporary and long storage at temperatures: below 25°С, +2..+8°С, −25°С, −85°С;
  • and ambient goods.


  • Individual approach to each client:
    personal tariffs and billing plans,
    discounts for the year.
  • Special delivery periods:
    «same day» delivery in all cities,
    delivery in 3-4 hours.
  • Process quality control,
    confidentiality, goods delivery tracking
    on the company site.


Our representations:

Moscow, Frankfurt,
Minsk, Kiev

Transportation Logistics

Delivery across all Russia!

Delivery periods in regions

Warehouse Logistics

  • Store and distribution of study drugs, co-medications, ancillaries, printed materials and equipment for clinical trials according to Client’s requirements and international standards of GxP
  • Supplies receipt, shipping requests and goods shipments at non-working time and weekend upon prior approval.
  • Goods storage at various temperature: −70°С, −20°С, +2..+8°С, +15..+25°С.
  • All kinds of warehouse processing — packaging and repackaging of the goods, labeling, relabeling.
  • Packaging of the goods for shipment to the investigational sites, preparing for transportation according to urgency of delivery and temperature storage condition.
  • Tracing of transportation, confirmation of delivery and transportation condition maintenance.
  • Return of used/unused, recalled medications and materials.
  • Transfer of drugs, materials for destruction.
  • Information service for Clients, including different kinds of the reports, goods transportation data, goods stock data.
  • Purchases drugs, reactive, ancillaries and equipment for clinical trials.


Translog Biologic, LLC

App. 210, 3, Volokolamskoye shosse, Klin, Moscow area, 141650


Client department: +7 (495) 978-45-72

Operators: +7 (495) 979-50-31